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Achieve a True ROI!

Thinking of initiating and ramping up a Social Media campaign for your business? Social Media is an extremely powerful tool that can give your business and your brand maximum exposure with your potential customers. Social Media is not only an important but critical to your overall Social Media marketing scheme. Lighthouse Internet Media offers small to medium size businesses a practical but effective Social Media strategy that will not only help your brand and business gain exposure, but give you what you are a seeking: A TRUE ROI!

Our Method

  1. 1. Build a Solid Strategy
  2. 2. Implement
  3. 3. Test and perfect
  4. 4. Add Fuel
  5. 5. Repeat
  6. 6. Evaluate the ROI
  7. 7. Measure the Results

Lets Sum Up Social Media in One Word Let’s face it, what is Social Media? Social Media can be narrowed down to two particular platforms: Facebook & Twitter

Yes, you have Google Places and Foursquare and other social sites, these social media outlets are necessary in your Social Media marketing arsenal but not critical in the initial stages when you are designing and implementing a Social Media campaign.

At Lighthouse Internet Media we like transparency and even more importantly, we like to get down to business and answer the questions that most of our business owners have today: If I start a Social Media campaign, can I get measurable results? The Answer is: YES! However there is a formula we like to use to get you the results you seek; faster, better and more targeted, we call it:

Social Rapid Fire (SM)
Social Rapid Fire is one of the most effective methods of getting to an ROI in Social Media. Our founder Emilio Yepez developed the strategy with a prodigy mathematician from India by the name of Enclive Patel. In our formulary studies, we confirmed that if certain ethical methods were utilized in Social Media and repeated overtime, you could get to a faster ROI.

If you are interested in beefing up your Social Media strategy and desire to see a true ROI behind Social Media, call us today at (305) 702-7984 or email us at