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Frustrated With Your PPC Account? We Can Help!

Lighthouse Internet Media has helped hundreds of businesses find the right solution & discover the right combination key to a true ROI in their PPC efforts. We SUCCESSFULLY manage over $25 Million in Pay Per Click ad spend and we consider ourselves the best in the business!

Welcome to the Complex World of PPC

PPC SEEMS simple, but we know how complex it can be to successfully manage a PPC account. We know that increasing (CPC) Costs Per Click bids, limitations on daily budgets and getting kicked out of the auction by your competitor can be frustrating. We also know how difficult it can be to measure success if you donít have the right benchmarks. Donít be fooled, PPC is complex, hard to figure out and takes years to master, thatís why we created a system that works, gets you to a positive ROI fast and gives you the edge you need to drive leads and conversions for your business. Call Now: 305 389 8955

6 Important Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Are You Tired of Burning Through Money in Adwords & Bing with NO Returns?
  • Not Getting Leads for Your Business? The Phone Is Not Ringing?
  • Do You Keep Paying More for Clicks? CPC too High?
  • Canít Get Better Positioning on Google/ Bing?
  • Not Getting Enough Clicks on Your Ads? (CTR) Click Through Rate Too Low?
  • Maybe Youíre Digital Manager Needs Help with Managing Your PPC Account?

Our Services Include:

  • Free 1 Hour Consultation & Review
  • In Depth Forensic Analysis of Your Account
  • Full, In-depth Competitor Insight & Review
  • High Performance A/B Testing & Ad Copy
  • Top Level Bid Management Strategies†
  • Flawless Conversion Tracking & Implementation
  • Tweak or Rebuild Your Entire Campaign
  • Optimizing Text Ads
  • Increase Your Quality Score
  • Lower Your CPC Bids†
  • Ongoing Consulting
  • In-House Training
  • Full Time Managing
  • Analytics Review & Optimization
  • Weekly, Bi Weekly & Monthly Reporting
  • Performance Metrics Review†
  • Testing & Tracking

7 Easy Reasons to Hire Us Now!

We know you have options, but we know that once you start to work with our team, youíll be very pleased with the results we yield for our clients. On the average we take on a maximum of 10 clients per year, we donít work with everyone, we only work with those we can help. Weíve been in the Internet Marketing business for over 16 years, were seasoned pros and the proof is in our results. Below weíve given you 7 reasons on why you should call us now:

  • We offer a 3 X 6 ROI on Your Marketing Spend
  • We Offer a Flat Fee/Performance Base Agreement (Whichever Is Greater)
  • We Grow Your Business 15-25%
  • We have a 90% Success Rate With All of Our Clients
  • We Currently Manage $25 Million in Ad Spend
  • Our Strategies Are Unique, Proprietary & WILL Make Your Money
  • Lastly, We Love What We Do & We Are the Best In the Business!