Lighthouse Internet Media

Our Team

Emilio Yepez Owner & Founder

Emilio is Founder and President of Lighthouse Internet Media. He's primarily responsible for strategy & Internet Marketing. He's managed over 15 Million Dollars in Pay Per Click spend and is a private consultant to Internet Retailer 500 Companies and small to medium size businesses.

Marlene Del Rio Operation & Administration

Marlene is primarily responsible for the legal, administrative & operational area for Lighthouse Internet Media.

Wendy Martinez FIU and Majored in Marketing

Her role with Lighthouse Internet Media involves research and marketing on behalf of the company and for clients of Lighthouse Internet Media.

Andrea Trujillo Social Media & Data Mining

Andrea Trujillo is specializes in the area of Journalism and Social Media Marketing. Andrea is a "Super Power" Social Media Marketer. She is our "can do" person when it relates to Social Media and you will love working with her!

Mike Sotolongo Web Development & Programming

Chief Programmer and Web Developer for Lighthouse Internet Media. Mike holds two degrees in Programming & Web Development. He is your personal in house "master" developer and programmer for Lighthouse Internet Media.

Carlos Gomez

Administration & Operational Support. He is also responsible for Keyword mining and R&D.

Ranjit Singh

Chief Programming Officer & Web Developer. Ranjit oversees the development and execution of Website implementation.

Tedwin Yepez

Vice President of Operations - His primary role is to manage the day to day operations at Lighthouse Internet Media.

Fabiana Santamaria

Head Web Designer and Web Developer.