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Ever hear the term: "The 800 Pound Gorilla"? If yes, then you will quickly understand why I am referencing that term.

In 2006 I had the honor of working with a top OPM by the name of Andy Rodriguez. During my time at ARC I learned the key essential elements to managing and running a successful, true performance based Affiliate Marketing program. I was trained and certified by the TOP DOG! During my time at ARC I learned formularies and models that work and continue to work today.

Your Own Private Virtual Sales TEAM!

Imagine having hundreds and thousands of virtual sales agents online driving traffic to your site for FREE and you the Client paying out a percentage for each sale, ONLY AFTER THE SALE TAKES place. You get the opportunity of acquiring new and repeat business through other sites that love supporting your products for a small-tiny piece of the pie. If you love a performance based relationship with online sales people-look no further!


Over the years I have personally spent thousands of hours building affiliate relationships online that would love to drive traffic to your site. My priority has been to support affiliate marketers, connect affiliate marketers with honest merchants so they too thrive on your success. If you would like our relationships to come in and help your business on a performance basis contact us today at 305 389 8955.

Services You Receive

  • A Significant increase in your sales!
  • You acquire new customers online!
  • Provide general consulting for managing the Affiliate Program
  • Recruit High Revenue Affiliates
  • Motivate and engage affiliates with promotions, campaigns and contests
  • Assist affiliates with HTML and coding instructions for their site and clients promotions
  • Track and ensure all affiliate links are working
  • Answer and respond to affiliate emails and inquires
  • Provide our clients with reports, updates and sales information on their affiliate program
  • Assist affiliates with inquires and questions on program compensation
  • Set up, tweak or integrate settings on your Affiliate Network
  • Create and Develop creatives and banners of all types for affiliates on a monthly basis
  • Assist merchants and affiliates on conversion practices

We ARE Looking for the RIGHT Clients!

We value our affiliate relationships and have made our clients MILLIONS of DOLLARS. If you don’t believe us, take a quick look at our founders resume and our about us page. We have paid a very high price for acquiring, testing and cultivating our knowledge and information. We don’t want to work with every online merchant; we want to work with the right online merchant that will do right by our affiliate partners! Do YOU want aggressive sales marketers on your team? You’ve come to the right place.

Contact us today: (305) 702-7984 or